Summertown House, University of Oxford

A comprehensive internal and external refurbishment of the postgraduate student accommodation block which was originally designed in 1962 by prominent architects Howell, Killick, Partridge and Amis (HKPA). Internally, the building was refurbished and flats rearranged to make a group fully accessible in a location adjacent to the new lift. Through the innovative use of prefabricated, insulated panels the new façade is attached to the original structure. This retains the unusual stepped floor and clerestory window arrangement while preserving the building’s unique character.
2014 / £13.5M /  6250m²
"A sensitive and creative refurbishment which has greatly improved the appearance of the area whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the building."
- Professor Malcolm Airs, Oxford Preservation Trust Awards 2015

/ 2015

Oxford Preservation Trust Award