Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College, Oxford

The Shulman Auditorium is set within the Nun’s Garden in the historic Queen’s College, Oxford. It provides a high quality, 120 seat auditorium for lectures and music recitals, with a foyer suitable for receptions. Using the ancient garden walls as an enclosure, the design thereby preserves the medieval garden pattern. The structure was conceived so as to sit within the walls, and by using a traditional stone slate pitched roof, a low-impact building is created, respectful of its historical context. It was this sensitivity of design that won the support of the local authority and English Heritage.
2011 / £2.8M /  350m²
"We have been extremely impressed with the imaginative, respectful and sensitive solutions. The lecture theatre design is beautiful, and looks as if it has always been on the historic site."
- Linda Irving-Bell, Home Bursar

/ 2012
RIBA National Award
RIBA Regional Award
RIBA Sustainability Award
Oxford Preservation Trust Award