Our Architectural Ambassadors visit The Hyde Primary School in London

Team BGS completed two sessions of the Architectural Ambassador Programme organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as a collaboration between themselves, architects and schools.

Alicja and Valeria taught year 5 pupils of The Hyde Primary School in London about design and construction process, structure and information coordination and helped to implement this knowledge into their end of year projects. Children learned about scale and proportions. By measuring and scaling everything from classroom to their own bodies’ students tried to understand fundamentals of architectural drawings. They set up their own ‘Architectural practices’ and during fun workshops learned to create simple frame structures which could be used as a base for their final Fairgrounds projects.

Architectural Ambassador program aims to interest Primary (and Secondary!) schools students with Architecture and Engineering and potentially encourage young children to enter Architecture and Construction industries. We hope that knowledge that we share will inspire young people and who knows maybe few more will choose creative industries as their future profession? We can’t wait to see final projects!!!