AJAA Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Alan Walters Building for the Business School at the University of Birmingham has picked up one of the top awards for higher education buildings.  The AJ Higher Education Project of the Year Award 2017 was selected from a strong shortlist of recently completed buildings including the University of Kent, Roehampton University and University of Hertfordshire.  The judges noted:

’The quality of construction and materials is very high.  The detailing and facade is fabulous.  The building takes a simple logical plan and surprises – for example with full-height glazing.  The quality of natural light is astonishing’

Head Judge, Emily Booth, also said, ’There is just so much variety in this very sustainable building, from study areas to workplaces.  The students just love it.  It is a beautiful building, yet so simple in its form.’

This is the icing on the cake for our best year yet for architectural awards.  Many thanks to our dedicated team for delivering such excellent service and to our visionary client for taking the leap of faith with us.